The first project Exploratory Ecology is a project named ExplorEcoLab (Exploratory Ecosystems laboratory) on the study of the effects of climate change on the relations between life cycles of Polyommatus icarusLasius nigerLotus corniculatus and Trifolium repens.

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The second project Exploratory Ecology is a project named ExplorCollect (Exploratory Collection) on the creation of a photographic collection and monitoring of butterflies from France, Nigeria and the world.

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The third project called ExplorWildCam is a new project in preparation which aims to make you discover the daily life of birds and other wild animals, day and night.


The fourth project called ExplorPublic (Exploratory Public awareness) is a project to raise public awareness of the protection of biodiversity through various actions: social networks, exhibitions, videos, stands, conferences, nature outings, etc.

Le quatrième projet ExplorPublic (Exploratory Public awareness) est un projet de sensibilisation de tous les publics à la protection de la biodiversité par différentes actions : Réseaux sociaux, expositions, vidéos, stands, conférences, sorties nature,…