Creation of exhibition

Our association has created on an exhibition called « Butterflies of today and tomorrow ».
With the exhibition « Butterflies of today and tomorrow » immerse yourself in the fascinating world of these small sensitive insects through 3 actions:

  • Explore: Discover butterfly species that you can meet in your garden or during your walks,
  • Study: Put yourself in the shoes of a scientist and observe butterflies according to scientific methods, learn causes of butterflies decline including climate change and species that may tomorrow become in our landscape,
  • Protect: Learn actions to protect these species, which are essential for good health of our ecosystems: at the level of a town, of the association (Exploratory Ecology missions), of citizens (welcoming butterflies to the garden).

Exhibition “The world of ants”
Whether in the equatorial regions, in the mountains or even in the deserts, ants are present almost everywhere on the planet with nearly ten million billion individuals! This exhibition invites to dive into this fascinating universe and discover these small insects from different angles: giant models, anthill breeding, scientific information, and fun activities.

Creation of videos

The association’s videos aim to show the daily lives of birds and other wild animals day and night.

The most common birds in french gardens

Other animals