Observations in natural environments make it possible to contribute to species knowledge by acquiring localized inventory data of species over time and space.

The association created its Access database. All of the association’s observations are saved into a naturalist database. This database is based on the repository of biological taxa called TAXREF v13.0 published online on December 6, 2019. This repository is a national reference in France for nomenclature and taxonomy and it is presented in Gargominy et al. (2019).

This database includes 9,593 observations including 579 of plant and animal species in the municipality of Saint-Aubin de Médoc, in France, in Nigeria and in the World (number from 05/2020).

The majority of observations from the database at 79% are animals and 21% are plants.

Among the Animalia kingdom, 13 class are studied with spiders, millipedes, butterflies, dragonflies, earthworms, snails, lizards, frogs, birds, mammals, …

Hyla arborea (Linnaeus, 1758) © F. Mallard

92% of animal identifications concern insects. The number of species is more important for butterflies (lepidoptera) with 132 identified species and then beetles with 49 species.

An example of Beetleà Propylea quatuordecimpunctata © F. Mallard