Who we are?

Exploratory Ecology is an association of scientific research, conservation of biodiversity and awareness of nature protection, located in Gironde (New Aquitaine, southwest in France)

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The history

The idea of ​​the association Exploratory Ecology project emerged on May 12, 2018 at the meeting between two nature enthusiasts complementary path ecologist-lepidopterist Fanny Mallard and myrmecologist-computer Engineer Sven Aël Guen. Announcement No. 548 of the creation of the association was officially inserted in the Official Journal of the French Republic on Saturday, December 15, 2018. Exploratory Ecology is a non-profit and French law 1901 association.

During the following months until August 2019, the missions and the first projects of the association were developed by means of field visits in the meadow of the “Coulée verte” of the municipality of Saint-Aubin de Médoc in France.

The plant and animal species studied in the first ExplorEcoLab project are species inventoried in this meadow. Several butterfly photos were taken in this meadow to create the photo gallery of the second ExplorCollect project. Thus, the missions of the association are scientific missions to develop knowledge and propose actions of species conservation but also missions of public awareness to the protection of biodiversity especially through ExplorPublic project.

On August 3, 2020, the association was recognized by the French Republic of general interest and scientific research.

The team in the field (Meadow of the “Coulée verte” of municipality of Saint-Aubin de Médoc
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Exploratory Ecology aims to develop scientific knowledge through exploratory ecology and to share this knowledge and public awareness.

Exploratory ecology is a branch of ecology that studies the little or no documented relationship between species, their environment and pressure factors via 3 actions or missions.

Missions 1 Experimental research

  • in the laboratory, study under controlled conditions the biological interactions and the determining factors;

Mission 2 : applied research

  • in the natural environment, test biodiversity conservation actions based on experimental research;

Mission 3 : action research

  • sharing knowledge with the aim of transmitting knowledge and raising awareness about ecology.
The missions of the Exploratory Ecology association (© explorecology.com)



The first project Exploratory Ecology is a project named ExplorEcoLab (Exploratory Ecosystems laboratory) on the study of the effects of climate change on the relations between life cycles of Polyommatus icarusLasius nigerLotus corniculatus and Trifolium repens.


The second project Exploratory Ecology is a project named ExplorCollect (Exploratory Collection) on the creation of a photographic collection of specimens and monitoring of butterflies from France, Nigeria and the world.


The third project called ExplorPublic (Exploratory Public awareness) is a project to raise public awareness of the protection of biodiversity through various actions: social networks, stands, conferences, nature outings, etc.


Fanny Mallard, President, Co-Founder, Scientific

Fanny Mallard is doctor ecologist of the University Nantes Angers Le Mans – Ecole Centrale de Nantes. His research is part of a transdisciplinary research-action approach at the interface between science and society. She conducts scientific studies on the effects of human activities on plant and animal species combining landscape ecology, conservation biology, ecological engineering, spatial modeling and land use planning. The ecologist is scientific director at National Society for the Protection of Nature (SNPN) and associated with the UMR PASSAGES-CNRS. Its missions concern the development of research programs on the protection of wetlands and forests in France. In the Exploratory Ecology project, she is co-founder and president of the association and in charge of setting up and monitoring scientific studies.

Sven Aël Guen, Treasurer, co-founder, Technical and IT Manager

Sven Aël Guen has been an ant enthusiast since childhood. He raised several colonies of different ant species: Lasisus niger, Crematogaster scutellaris, Aphaenogaster spinosa, Messor barbarus. He has developed skills in biology including ant breeding. After studying DUT Biological Engineering option Environmental Engineering, he studied to computer studies. In the Exploratory Ecology project, he is in charge of the technical aspects of the experimental studies and the computer development part of the project.


The team of volunteers is made up of a dozen people wishing to get involved in the development of knowledge about nature. Volunteers support the association by providing their opinions on the association’s productions, their knowledge and their various expertise.

Thank you to all our volunteers for their support!

Help by donating

To support the initiative, you can help Exploratory Ecology by donating via the form (click here) or by check or for other types of donations or legacies by contacting us by email : explorecology@gmail.com.

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localisation : Department of Gironde, New Aquitaine region, in France