Mini greenhouse creation based on recycling

?? Plastic bottles, Toilet Paper Rolls and cardboard packaging for eggs,… do not throw them away… these elements can be recycled to grow seeds. We use these methods for our project to recreate butterfly-plant-ants relationships in the laboratory. But they can be used to grow plants for your garden (flowers, vegetables, fruits).

The plastic bottles were cut in the middle of the bottle to cut on 3/4. They were filled with soil then seeds were sown and then watered. The bottles are then taped on the cut part. They are arranged near a window. You now have a mini greenhouse that allows seeds to germinate. After two weeks, the bottle caps will be removed and then after the plants have grown, they can be replanted in your garden.

Cardboard packaging for eggs is another method of germinating and protecting seedlings before replanting them. The soil is placed in the cells and seeds are sown. Then keep the soil moist and in the light until the seedlings are replanted.

Finally, the toilet paper rolls are used to create a small storage box for the remaining seeds. Just fold the roll in half lengthwise then fold the ends at the end of the roll to form a closure.

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