Constituent general meeting

On 01/12/2018 at 6 pm, the founders of the Exploratory Ecology association met in a constituent general meeting.

The discussions led to the proposal to present the following project:

A better understanding of the impacts of pressure factors on biological and ecosytem interactions is essential for the implementation of species conservation actions. Exploratory Ecology aims to develop this knowledge through exploratory ecology in the laboratory (experimental research) and in the natural environment (applied research). The development of this knowledge will be shared with the aim of transmitting knowledge and raising awareness about the protection of species.

The proposal document of the statutes was read article by article and validated unanimously.

The first members of the board are the founding members of the association: Mrs. Fanny Mallard as President and Mr. Sven Aël Guen as Treasurer.

A website of the association has been created and is available at This site presents the presentation, the missions of the association, the projects to come. The website is in French version and in English version. The email address of the association is: